Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stuff I Don't Need: Bento Boxes

Okay guys, I have a confession. I love buying stuff that I have no need for. Just, useless crap, from hair products, to tupperware, to nail polish (I already have over 100 polishes already but I keep buying more). The latest thing I've had my eye on is bento boxes, and all the cute little accessories that you can get with them!

So first you've got the boxes themselves. From my intensive browsing on Amazon research, Kotobuki seems to be a brand with a wide selection of boxes. They have ones with cute little owls, adorable kitty cats, and other animal faces. (But why is the frog crying?) There are plenty of other selections available, with or without super cute animals. Just do an online search for "bento box." Once you've picked your poison, you can move onto the really good stuff, tiny accessories to junk up your kitchen and waste money on that you'll probably never really use!

I have found so much random stuff used for making lunch look cute. Things like rice molds, vegetable presses, tiny soy sauce containers,  spiral vegetable slicers, and boiled egg molds.

super kawaii!
I mean, look at these adorable little lunches! Can you imagine how many cute little slicers and stampers and molds are available to make these things? This is really an art for the people who do it. Some of them are just so intricate and creative, and I'm in awe that people have the talent (and the time) to create things like this.

But sadly, I have absolutely no art skills whatsoever. Like, none. My time management skills are also pretty questionable. And whenever I think about making adorable lunches with rice hearts and bunny eggs and cucumber stars, reality hits me and reminds me that I usually don't bring lunch to work at all and when I do, it's stuffed into some plastic ziplock bags and thrown into a grocery bag all willy nilly. I mean really, can you imagine me cutting nori into tiny faces to put on little balls of rice every morning?

I know that's right.

I still might get that cat bento box though.


  1. You're funny, love that video! Stuff I don't need that I tend to buy include: cute tops, books, cute cups and bowls... I'm in the middle of writing a post about having too much stuff, actually. Oh, but your amazon comment reminded me of something silly I want but totally don't need:
    And here's the video that made me want it:

    1. AHHH that kitty bank is adorable! I almost got that actually! I find that when you buy gifts for other people, it cushions the blow of "this will probably never get used" because it's in their hands now. But I would put money in that bank every day!