Friday, May 18, 2012

Summer reading plans

I had originally planned on taking 3 classes this summer to start up on my second Bachelor's degree. However, due to limited finances I've decided to postpone starting up another degree. To take up my time and do something productive this summer, I'll be reading at least 5 books (and by summer I mean now- August 23rd, which is when fall classes begin). I've no idea what the other 4 books will be, but I'll start out with The Sound and the Fury by Faulkner because I'm a glutton for punishment and because I'm hopeful that it won't be as horrible as reading As I Lay Dying in 9th grade. I may read The Great Gatsby next (again) since I think a movie version is coming out soon, and I think I wanted to see it. Plus, I remember liking that novel and I want to name my dog Daisy. Or Vivi Luxe.

Edit: I went to the library and couldn't find TSatF. Buuuutttt I found Invisible Man, in the wrong section actually. I found a lost book for the library! Yay! I've been meaning to read that for a while so that will be my first book of the summer instead of the other. I also picked up a collection of stories by Kate Chopin. I read Awakening, twice actually, once in high school and again last year, and really liked it. Hopefully I'll enjoy her short stories as much as the novel.


  1. Great Gatsby is one of my favorites! I need to reread that too. It's been a while since I read Invisible Man . . . hmm, I need to make a list too.

    To Faulkner all I will say is: My mother is a fish.

    1. Haha. I might have to skip Faulkner all together. Horrible memories.

  2. Oh my god, you and I might be psychic-twins. I made myself read The Sound and the Fury last year because no one ever made me read Faulkner (despite me going to an excellent high school and majoring in Literature in college!!!) and I thought I should. It took me about a month to get through it, but I did it and I'm proud of myself, but I don't really want to read any more Faulkner, although I do love novels with unreliable narrators. My plan is definitely to read a book a week this summer now that I'm on break. Last week I read the Curious Incident of the Dog at Nighttime (speaking of unreliable narrators...) and this week I'm reading The Namesake. What do you think of Invisible Man? I definitely had to read that in college (maybe my education wasn't a total failure after all :) )