Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cookin' up a storm

Sometimes (albeit very, very rarely) I get into a cooking frenzy. Today was one of those days. I woke up, did the dishes, and started doing my thang.

To get into the mood, I put on my apron, which I got from It makes me feel like a real chef, although I have almost no culinary ability. I have the "aqua damask," which is adorable.

The first thing I made was a casserole-esque type thing with macaroni, broccoli, chicken, and 4 cheeses (I don't skimp on the cheese). I decided to boil the chicken, because it's easy, and I think the healthiest way to cook it. Actually, I don't know that for sure. My main reason was the laziness. I also boiled the mac, lightly steamed the broccoli, mixed that all together, and mixed the cheese. I layered the mac, chicken, and broccoli mixture, then the cheese, another layer of mac and a final sprinkle of cheese. Of course I forgot to add salt and pepper, but we'll just call it low sodium. I had a little, and it's surprisingly good.

Next I made a double portion of banana bread (because I had lots of bananas going bad). I've used 3 different recipes for banana bread, and I think the first was the best. It's this one that I got from and my only complaint is that it's a little sweet, so I just used less sugar. Simple. Since I had so much batter, I used my bundt  pan that I got from goodwill for two dollars. I finally used the bundt pan!

My final dish for tonight will be hummus. Making good hummus is so freaking difficult for me. I've yet to master it, but tonight I will be conquering hummus. I've got the tahini, the vitamix, and my chickpeas at the ready. I'm just going to go with the flow and not use a recipe. We'll see how that goes.



    How did the hummus go? And can I try some casserole?

  2. Hummus was very garlicky, but good. I used raw and roasted garlic (just because) and next time I'll probably stick with just one or the other and use less. I'm still trying to perfect it and make it less acidic. Maybe less lemon juice next time and work on my garlic roasting skills.

  3. I've never roasted garlic but the hummus sounds delicious! I feel compelled to dip the cinnamon dusted pita chips in it though lol.